Give Dog Treats Wisely

Just like humans like certain things like candy, dogs also love treats. Giving your dog a treat once in a while is good. However, just like in human treats, dog treats can be harmful if they are given in excess. They will make your dog both unhealthy and unfit.  If given a chance, dogs will eat as much food as possible. As such, one may be tempted to give their dog too many dog treats.

Dog treats are meant to be a reward from a training and obedience point of view. Dogs learn fast when they are conditioned to receive a reward when they do something that pleases you. As such, if dogs are given treats all the time without purpose, then the treats will not have any meaning.

Before giving your dog any treat, it is important to look at the ingredients. The most important thing to look for is some calories contained in the treat. One of the most important things when giving your dog treats is to give the ones that have as little calories as possible. This is because when you feed your dog with excess calories, the calories will be converted to fat which will make your dog overweight and therefore unhealthy and unfit.

There is a wide variety of dog treats that are available in the market. Nevertheless, they can be categorized into three types on the basis f their overall consistency. These types are crunchy treats, soft, chewy treats, and a combination of the two. One of the reasons why dogs love treats is because they are flavored. Hard crunchy is good for your dog's teeth while Betsy Farms usa dog treats can be used to hide a tablet or medicine that your dog would not like to take on its own.

Dogs love human food, and they look upon it as a real usa dog treats . Human food should only be given to dogs as a treat, and it should be done sparingly. Most human food is not healthy for dogs since they do not contain the right minerals and nutritional ingredients that are healthy for dogs. Therefore, while your dog may like enjoying human food, the food may be doing it harm. More importantly, avoid giving your dog human treats that contain sugar as well as grapes and raisins.

In conclusion, if you intend to give your dog chocolate as a treat, be sure to give it chocolate that is made only for dogs. For additional facts and information about dog treats, you can go to .